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Book 1 of The Witch, the Dragon and the Angel Trilogy

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The Isle of Skye has inspired many people to paint, sing or write. Frequent visitor Paul Goddard thought it would be fun to write a story about such a vacation, perhaps detailing the beautiful scenery, the wonderful people and the warm welcome that everybody receives. Once he started writing it did not turn out quite as he expected.
‘I started writing and within a few pages I was bound up in the interesting fairy tales and legends about the Misty Isle,’ said author Paul when he was interviewed. ‘The mysterious brochs, the fairy flag of the MacLeods, the fairy bridge. Then in the book a disaster struck the world and the family on holiday had to try to save themselves and everybody else into the bargain.’

Paul is married to Lois who was born a Tutton. Her family have been coming up to Skye for over a hundred years. ‘My grandparents honeymooned on Skye, riding round it on a motorbike in 1910!’ explained Lois. ‘They bought their cottage at Inveralavaig, Penifiler, in 1955 and we have all been vacationing here ever since.’ ‘It’s not always a holiday,’ said Paul, chipping in. ‘There’s a lot of maintenance to be done and the high winds have caused some damage on occasion which probably helped create some of the scenes in the book.’

The book, entitled Witch Way Home?, has caught the imagination of some of the neighbours and friends of Paul and Lois. Archie Annan, 72, of Pennifiler, Skye, read the whole book in a day after receiving a copy, which was no mean feat in itself given that the book is three hundred pages long and runs to seventy-nine thousand words. ‘It was a great read and a page-turner,’ said Archie. ‘ I could not put it down. It can be summarised as the eternal fight between good and evil. I have likened it to Milton’s Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained but in a very accessible way.’

It’s a modern fairy tale,’ explains author Paul. ‘It is set right now in the present time and the hidden underlying theme is an allegory of the way in which we are despoiling our own world by over-population and pollution and in particular the destruction of rain forests. In addition there is discussion about quantum theory.’ I put it to him that it sounded rather too complex for children. Paul laughed. ‘Not really. The whole book remains simply a good yarn, one which kids can enjoy but also in which adults can appreciate the deeper meanings.’  

To back this up Paul referred to a young family friend, aged seven, who has read the whole book and enjoyed it. ‘She had to ask her parents for help with a few long words but she told me that she really loved the story.’

Paul has already completed the next two books in the trilogy although they are not published yet. ‘Witch Way Home? is the first book of the trilogy,  He hopes to be invited to the Skye Literary Festival in September at the Aros Centre,’ Paul replied. ‘The next two books ‘Witch Armageddon? and Witch Schism and Chaos?’should be out by then.’


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I have written a thriller trilogy and published them as e-books.

The books are fiction which is based in the present time and they include fast-moving plots involving evil financiers,  immoral doctors, corrupt policemen, self-seeking politicians, immoral doctors and religious maniacs. 

The first book is entitled The Confessions of Saul.

The other two books are The Writing on the Wall and Reincarnation.

All three are by Paul R Goddard and the trilogy is called The Sacrifice Game: El Juego del Sacrificio.

 I have previously also written fiction, prose and poetry  but this is the first fiction that I have put out for general consumption.  The books are written as good yarns rather than high literature (which I don't expect I could write anyway) and I hope that people enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!  I am keen to receive feedback from readers



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