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Another Great Lie

Goebels stated that the greater the lie the easier it is to get people to believe in it. There are many lies that are perpetrated in the 21st century and are believed by large sections of society. The reasons for believing that which is a patent untruth vary but often the lie is more palatable than the probable truth.  I hesitate to say the definite truth because this is so difficult to prove.

In all walks of life it is usually easier to prove something is incorrect than it is to prove it to be correct. We know something is a lie when we find totally convincing examples of its falsehood but even though these examples may seem incontrovertible they may not prove acceptable to the believing public. 

Let us take just one example.  It is often stated that all people are equal.  This is couched in many ways…all men are created equal, all are equal in the eyes of God, all souls are of equal value etc. etc. 

The best known of these, “all men are created equal”, was coined by  Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence as refutation of the Divine Right of Kings. It was followed by the statement that "they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/index.htm.

Whilst denying the Divine Right of Kings, Jefferson still uses theological arguments to back the original statement. Many Christians would say that “all are equal in the eyes of God” is a biblical text but the nearest statement to this is in the peculiar book of Job  where it states that God "has not shown partiality to princes and has not given more consideration to the noble one than to the lowly one, for all of them are the work of his hands." (Job 34:19) Let me précis the book of Job for those who have not read it.  God is having a meeting with his sons (plural!) and extols the virtues of Job. He then apparently permits Satan to torment Job just to show how righteous the man is and that he would continue to praise God whatever happened to him. Not exactly an example of upholding equality.

Many verses completely refute the notion of equality such as that in  Matthew 22:14 apparently spoken by Jesus:

“For many are called, but few are chosen”

So we perhaps we should discard the call on religion to prove the point.

Go back three centuries and a notion of equality would have been completely revolutionary.  People were expected to know their place in society and they were constantly reminded that there was no possibility of equality.  But the (sometimes) entirely reasonable demands of the oppressed led to revolution with equality as the major tenet.  We can see this in the French Revolution, the American War of Independence and the development of Communism by Marx and his followers. But in no example did equality actually occur.

Now we are assailed by political correctness (PC). The ardent followers of PC tell us that if we follow their direction we can finally remove all prejudice, which, they believe, is the root cause of inequality.  Give people equal opportunity and they will be equal.  If after having been given equal opportunity a person is not equal, it is our duty to equalise. This is achieved by ‘positive discrimination’. So, using PC reasoning, people with learning difficulties must be given more time in examinations to assist their equality. Punitive taxes must be levied on the higher earners because they do not deserve this inequality…….if you have saved money for a pension you must not be given the same amount of state pension as the person who has spent all his money (even if they both earned the same throughout their lifetimes). The examples are endless and always unfair on the people who, by dint of hard effort, have managed to better themselves or are in the group not assisted by the ‘positive discrimination’.

This is in the news at the moment because ‘positive discrimination’ has been illegal in the UK. Since it obviously represents discrimination against the group who are not positively selected it breaks several laws on sex, race and age discrimination. Nevertheless this is exactly what the present government is in favour of.

(Harman defends positive discrimination plans By Alan Jones and Tom Morgan, PA
Thursday, 26 June 2008

Unfortunately positive discrimination will result in firms employing people and political parties listing potential candidates on the basis of their inherited or ascribed characteristics rather than by their achievements earned by individual effort.  This simply increases inequality and resentment.

There is another version of the phrase “all men are equal in the eyes of the law”. We note from the comment above that Harman does not appear to be in favour of this when it does not suit her. It is also not true in practice. Anyone who has been sued by a rich litigant, such as a large company or a branch of government, knows that equality is not the case.  If you have enough money you can get the best lawyers. If you are relatively poor you cannot do this and losing the case may mean losing your home. You are certainly not equal in such a situation.  

There is another invidious effect of the equality lobby which is often overlooked.  Unscrupulous people can abuse a near-universal belief in the people-equality myth. Thus it becomes a reason for management to ignore loyalty of long-term workers.  The longest serving members of the workforce can be disciplined, sacked, made redundant etc. with impunity by calling on “one law for all”.  If all are equal it is impossible to earn respect by learning, hard-work etc.  In fact over-indulgence in scholarship could be considered as a bad thing since it creates inequality.  Such thinking was prevalent in the old USSR.  The intelligentsia were purposely brought low, paid lower wages than miners and generally treated badly in order to equalise.

Unfortunately the same thing is happening now in Western society as in the USSR. “Equality” has a depersonalising effect in large organisations and managers use political correctness against the more qualified. There is no more obvious example than the NHS. To become a consultant specialist doctor in the NHS takes many, many years of study and experience.  For the present NHS consultants this involved not only success at school, enormously hard work at college and late night studying for post-graduate examinations but also the very worst working conditions with ridiculously long hours, frightening responsibility, health risks from infectious disease and relatively poor remuneration.  But their views can be considered by the managers (who are they?) as no more important than those of the cleaners, the stoma therapist, the social workers and the porters since all are equal. Except, of course, the managers themselves who are permitted to make the decisions.  The old NHS with respect and deference has gone (some would say rightly so) but in its place we have a new order. The respect and deference that previously was given to senior doctors and nurses must now be given to the management.  They project a chummy bonhomie and call us all by our first names, which they read from our badges (the badges that are no longer permitted to include the title of doctor). The bonhomie is false and woe betide any one who wishes to argue with management… …you can lose your car parking space or your office at the drop of a hat and even be suspended (and eventually sacked) with no notice. Political correctness and the lie of equality are the natural enemies of professionalism.

What has this done for the health service?  More money is being spent on it than ever before but it is being wasted on the burgeoning bureaucratic management who have no clinical responsibility. The NHS is failing and in some aspects has already given up the fight and the lie of equality will simply make this worse.

The belief in equality is clearly wrong. No two people are ever truly equal in wealth, looks, health or aspiration nor is it true that in human society individuals will ever be equal. Rather we should earn our place in society and glory in the differences between individuals since it is the differences which provide the rich culture and the vigour of our civilisation.

We need to promote the phrase “All human beings are individually unique”.

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